Research Facilities

Normal shock tunnel

 The normal shock tunnel is supersonic wind tunnel with compression effect of shock wave. To be compared with the blow down type supersonic wind tunnels, it can be operated with very low cost. We can produce supersonic air flow of Mach 4 or Mach 8 with interchanging the nozzle.

Free piston shock tunnel

 The free piston shock tunnel is the high enthalpy wind tunnel. This wind tunnel is used for the research of high temperature gas dynamics. In this wind tunnel, we can produce hypervelocity air flow (5000m/s, 1000 degrees Celsius), and examine the aerodynamic heating for reentry vehicles or hypersonic aircrafts.

Detonation driven expansion tube

 Wind tunnel testings with shock tunnel cannot avoid a certain problem, which is the test gas pollution by dissociation or ionization. In the expansion tunnel, we can produce more accurate test flow similar to real flight conditions. Also, we can simulate a entry for Jupiter atmosphere with using hydrogen test gas (13600m/s, 1500 degrees Celsius).

Pulse detonation engine test rig

Hybrid rocket engine combustion test rig

 In our laboratory, bi-cylindrical experimental setups are used as an oxidizer supply system for combustion tests of multi-section swirl injection method.

Magnet suspention balance system

 磁力支持天秤(Magnetic Suspention and Balance System)は、気流中で空気力や重力に抗して、磁力により模型を支持し、模型に働く空気力を測定する装置です。通常の風洞試験に必要なスティングやストラットなどの気流に影響を及ぼす支持機構が無く、支持干渉が全くない理想的な模型支持装置です。

Low-noise low-speed wind tunnel



Transonic and Supersonic wind tunnels



Other test facilities